Scientific Name:
Lobelia spp
Toxic Parts:
pyridine alkaloids
Flower Color:
ornamental, fields, waterside, woodlands, roadsides, wet meadows

Geographical Distribution

Cardinal flower distribution - United States

Cardinal Flower

Lobelia spp

Indian pink, asthma weed, gag root, ndian tobacco, puke weed, wild tobacco, high belia
8/ 10
Cardinal flower (Lobelia spp) are attractive flowering perennial, annual or biennial herbs from the bellflower family (Campanulaceae). There are many different varieties of lobelia plants but the three most common are Indian tobaacco (L. inflata), Cardinal flower (L. cardinalis), and (L. siphilitica). Lobelia flower colors are also variable, and can be red, blue, violet, white, or pink.

Lobelias are commonly sold as ornamentals at nurseries and garden centers, but also grow in the wild, often along damp areas such as riverbanks, swamps, and wetlands.

Toxic components
All parts of the lobelia plant are toxic to birds, as they contain fourteen different pyridine alkaloids and volatile oils.