Scientific Name:
Cymopterus watsonii
Toxic Parts:
leaves, seeds
Flower Color:
pastures, rangelands

Geographical Distribution

Spring parsley distribution - United States

Spring Parsley

Cymopterus watsonii

Cymopterus ibapensis
5/ 10
Spring parsley (Cymopterus watsonii) is a phototoxic rangeland plant that is a member of the Parsely family. It is one of the first plants to begin growing in early spring. It flowers from late April to June and disappears by early summer. Plants are poisonous from early spring until they mature and dry in early summer.

Toxic components
The leaves and seeds of the spring parsley plant contains furocoumarinas, which cause acute photosensitization in poultry. The stems and roots don't contain the photoactive compounds. Affected birds may later develop leg and feet, beak, and comb and wattle deformities as well as reduced eyesight.

In a research study conducted on ducklings in 1978, the birds were fed spring parsley seeds at various doses and exposed to sunlight. Within 8 days, the ducklings developed mild photosensitization with beak deformities.